Theresa Berry-Patterson – Director 

  • Education: Master’s in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education
  • Experience: I have been around children my entire life. I have worked in the early childhood field since 2006.
  • Started at Berry Patch in September 2006

I enjoy spending time with my family outdoors and traveling.

Kim Hylla – Strawberry room/3 year old room

  • Education: Associate Degree in Education from St. Louis Community College.
  • Started at the Berry Patch in May of 1996.

Miss Kim really enjoys when the children tell her stories about their families, pets, weekends, etc. She also like to read, watch the Cardinals play baseball and spend time with her family.”

Nadina Omerovic – Strawberry Room/ 3 year olds

  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from Maryville University.
  • Experience: I have worked with children since 2006
  • Started at the Berry Patch in March of 2006.

Miss Nadina enjoys building relationships with the children. She also enjoys scrapbooking when she is not at work.

Jackie Walker – Jamberry Room / 4 Year Olds

  • Education: Currently working on a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood
  • Experience: Nannying and babysitting.
  • Started at the Berry Patch in May of 2011.

Miss Jackie loves when you see the children come running in with excitment about something new to share with you. She has played soccer since first grade and continued through college.

Sydney Sager – Jamberry Room/ 4 year old room

  • Education: Working on a degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Experience: 3 years experience working in a Center prior to Berry Patch
  • Started at Berry Patch July 2018

Julie King – Raspberry room/5 year old room

  • Education: Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Arkansas State University.
  • Experience:  Worked as a first and third grade teacher for 4 years in Arkansas.
  • Started at the Berry Patch in December of 1988.

Miss Julie enjoys reading mystery books.

Sara Fox – Raspberry room/ 5 year olds 

  • Education – I recently graduated from Meramec and I am now considering furthering my education and going back for Early Childhood.
  • Experience – I have been a babysitter and a nanny for the past six years.
  • I started at The Berry Patch in January of  2016

I enjoy working with children and seeing them explore and learn. I enjoy painting, cooking, and hiking. 

Ouida Spencer – Blueberry room / Infants 

  • Education: BA in Education from Central Methodist University
  • Experience: 30+ years in the early childhood field. Taught in the St. Louis Public School system and the Normandy School district.
  • Started at Berry Patch in May 2018. Previously worked for the Berry’s at their Clayton Center that closed.



Carolyn Schulte- Blueberry Room/ Toddlers

  • Education: Bachelor Degree from Missouri Baptist
  • Experience: Has worked with children since 1998
  • Started at Berry Patch in 1998

Kathy Lewis – Blueberry room/ Toddlers

  • Education: Accounting Degree
  • Experience: Has prior babysitting experience as well as a mother to two young children
  • Started at Berry Patch May 2018

Brianna Bounds- Blueberry room / Closing teacher 

  • Experience: 3 years at a Center prior to Berry patch
  • Started at Berry Patch in August 2018

Michelle Murphy- Closing Teacher

  • Education: Is currently in school working towards a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience: Has worked with children in different childcare centers
  • Started at Berry Patch in February 2017



Denise Schrantz – Closing Teacher 

  • Education: BA in Special Education
  • Experience: Teaching in Arizona, Minnesota, and California.
  • Started at Berry Patch February 2016

Miss La’nee – Kitchen Manager and Cook

  • Experience: 20 years.
  • Started at the Berry Patch in October of 2006.