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For most of the children in the 2 year old room, this is their first experience in a child care center.  We strive to meet their social and emotional needs as well as their intellectual and physical needs.  We strive to make the children, as well as their parents, feel comfortable, cared for and respected.  One of the main goals of our room is for the children to increase their use of language and vocabulary.  The children will learn to use their words and to listen to the words of others.  The children will increase their independence skills through self dressing, often in the dramatic play area with the dress up clothing.  Being part of a group, the children will learn to share toys, time and materials.  We also focus on learning the basic colors, shapes and counting to 3.


The young 3 year old children are in the Strawberry Room.  We focus on the social and emotional development of the children as well as pre-academic skills.  We help the children express their needs and wants using words, beginning with the basics and adding sentence structure as the children progress.  The children will gain confidence and independence by mastering skills such as being responsible for their personal needs–putting on their coats, cot sheets, using the bathroom independently.  The children begin name and letter recognition and continue with color and shape recognition.  During this time, the children will continue to build relationships with the other children and teachers in their classroom and The Berry Patch.


In our class of older 3 and young 4 year old children, we continue to focus on the social and emotional development and pre-academic skills.  We build on the language skills they have developed through the children expressing their needs and conversations with the children and teachers.  The children play organized games where they learn and practice waiting, taking turns and completing the game.  We work on cooperative play through building in the block area, dramatic play or putting a puzzle together.  We continue identifying first and last names and the children start writing their first name.  The children will recognize and match more letters of the alphabet.  We begin working on number matching, recognition and counting of objects.  The children begin to learn about the calendar, which introduces them to language associated with time and helps them identify and track upcoming events.


Our 4 and 5 year old children spend their last year of preschool in the Raspberry Room.  We coordinate our program with the area kindergartens so the children have the skills needed when they enter elementary school.  We continue to focus on the social and emotional development as well as the pre-academic skills.  Some of the goals for the Raspberry Room are: take turns while playing games/activities, ability to sit quietly and listen to a story, work cooperatively in small and large groups, recognize some to most of the alphabet and letter-sound matches, count to and recognize 1-10 and building number sense (number order, which number is greater), use scissors and writing tools correctly.

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